CO2 Sequestration

CO2 sequestration involves knowledge of modeling technologies to identify issues with the existing injection strategies and provide recommendations for improved reservoir management. Petrotel has unique expertise in developing a comprehensive geologic model of the reservoir with accurate quantification of natural heterogenity including evaluation of caprock integrity, CO2 source and sink assessment with a detailed reactive transport model,CO2 EOR modeling and making recommendations for improved recovery and FDP.

Petrotel has the experience in developing comprehensive numerical models for evaluating all sequestration mechanisms

  • Hydrodynamic (mobile) trapping
  • Residual gas trapping
  • Aqueous trapping
  • Mineral trapping
  • Oil trapping

We objectively evaluate fate of CO2 injection when

  • Hydrodynamic (mobile) trapping only
  • Hydrodynamic trapping with hysteresis
  • Solubility in brine included with hydrodynamic flow with hysteresis

We also develop and analyze effects of heterogeneities in natural reservoirs for CO2 storage based on outcrop analog studies.

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