Waterflood Optimization

PetroTel can help you in the design, analysis, and continued optimization of both new and existing waterflood projects.

Throughout the life of any waterflood, it is necessary to address the key displacement mechanisms that control the movement of water and oil within the reservoir. PetroTel possess the proven ability to simulate complicated reservoirs with a variety of models including streamlines, finite-difference mechanistic, pattern level, partial field, and full field models.

PetroTel’s unique experiences simulating large-scale waterfloods give us the special skills to properly scaleup results and mitigate unwanted surprises.

We objectively analyze the field development history to gain critical insights. Our diagnostic analysis techniques are used to evaluate the waterflood health and identify problems and opportunities. Our techniques help identify issues and diagnose causes of waterflood issues, such as flux or out-of-zone injection. Using our expertise, we provide a snapshot of the waterflood at a well, field, or sector level.

PetroTel can maximize the waterflood potential of your assets by streamlining your reservoir management workflow.

We can provide an integrated, multilevel surveillance program to monitor and improve the performance of your entire reservoir down to individual injector/producer pairs. We utilize a multi-faceted approach to optimize reservoir/pattern/wells/surface facility performance in a systematic way for maximum economic value to our clients.

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