Petrophysical Analysis

PetroTel can help you with all your log interpretation and petrophysical analysis requirements.

We have extensive experience in importing and analyzing single and multi-well log information through the use of advanced software applications. We work closely with geologists and geophysicists to understand the overall geology and reservoir properties. We define geologic and petrophysical zones prior to performing an analysis and ensure that all input parameters are chosen to be well-specific and zone-wise. Throughout the study, the integrated G&G team works to refine interpretations as new data becomes available.

Routine and special core analysis results, where available, are used to guide and validate our log interpretation. Core porosity and log porosity are compared to establish correctness of log-derived porosity. Capillary pressure measurements have been used in several projects to get an accurate value of water saturation and to validate log-derived calculations. In addition, XRD, petrography and cuttings descriptions are used to guide lithology estimations from logs.

We understand complex lithology reservoirs and use all available well information to build a robust petrophysical model of the reservoir.

Mudlogs, sidewall core data, XRD, petrography, formation test results, where available, are all integrated into our petrophysical model to enable the best possible estimation of reservoir properties. Our expertise has been applied worldwide in places such as: Turkey-Complex faulted carbonate reservoir. Indonesia-Fresh water, Shaly Sand reservoir. India-Tight gas, HTHP reservoir. Malaysia-Geocellular modeling of an oil field with over 100 wells. Oman-Carbonate reservoir with complex fluid distribution. In the US, we have worked on petrophysical analysis projects in Alaska, Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama.


We are experts in using advanced petrophysical packages to calculate all mineral volumes associated with a shale-gas accumulation.

This enables us in performing multi-mineral volumetric calculations of kerogen, pyrite, quartz, calcite and clay-crucial to the accurate characterization of a shale-gas reservoir. Our interpretation is strictly based on first-principles and we have provided clients with detailed reports justifying choice of parameters and range of uncertainty. We are also routinely involved in the process of mitigating client resources and reserves to certifying agencies.

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