Prospect Evaluation

Seismic interpretation and mapping are core strengths that have distinguished PetroTel geoscientists throughout their careers.

Each team member has extensive experience in the interpretation, depth conversion, and mapping of both 2-D and 3-D seismic data using industry-standard software including SeisWorks, Zmap+, Geoquest IESX, Kingdom, Petrel, and Hampson and Russell seismic analysis software.

We recognize that interaction between several parameters is key to solving problems and that integrated effort is most effective in delivering critical insight.

Using the latest 3-D seismic interpretation and visualization techniques, our team members are able to address issues at all levels of scale.

Our staff brings proven skills in exploration and prospect generation, appraisal and delineation, and development. Our team members are directly responsible for some of the largest discoveries in the world.

PetroTel geophysicists can use state-of-the-art software and techniques to identify anomalies, analyze pre-stack data, and perform predictive modeling. Additionally, we perform acoustic impedance inversion, calibrate seismic attributes, and carry out multi-variant attribute analysis.

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