Reservoir Characterization

PetroTel’s forte is understanding reservoirs.

Reservoir issues dominate the attention of industry in both exploration and development.  The PetroTel team offers project expertise in: Petrophysics and Log Analysis, 3D Geocellular Modeling, Carbonate Sedimentology, Facies Analysis, Clastic Sedimentology, and Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis.

We’ve modeled oil and gas fields with reservoirs of all types and sizes from the 3-4 well developing field up to giant, multibillion barrel fields with thousands of wells.

PetroTel has described, modeled and solved reservoir issues in fields with conventional carbonate and clastic reservoirs as well as unconventional shale reservoirs.  In addition we have completed specialized work in fractured Middle East fields,  deep, high-temperature, tight, gas reservoirs in the US and India and highly heterogeneous reservoirs characterized by high permeability ‘thief zone”  lithologies.

Our staff is accomplished at modeling reservoirs using 3D geostatistical techniques.

Using industry-standard packages such as Galaxy, Petrel and RMS, we integrate key geologic and geophysical data into customized models that  underpin and compliment engineering objectives.

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