GIS Services

Geospatially referenced data is a modern day necessity for advanced oil and gas companies. Many times data becomes lost in folders and external hard drives, with Geographic Information System (GIS) management, operational efficiency is increased and data is no longer lost. The most successful geologists, reservoir engineers, geophysicists, drilling engineers, etc. have the data at their finger tips and is easily accessible from even remote areas.

PetroTel will build and maintain oil and gas GIS projects in a way that makes sense to all users. Typical GIS projects are constructed by GIS technicians that don’t understand the oil and gas industry. Our team at PetroTel understands how to categorize oil and gas data. So if you’re a pipeline engineer wondering  what the specifications of a pipeline are; or you’re a geologist that wants to bring up geologic reports; or a drilling engineer that wants to know what bit was used to drill a formation at an adjacent well; this will make your lives much easier. Having a better understanding of your oil and gas data with a spatial awareness is a very powerful tool and will push your company to the next level.

Our projects are built and maintained in ESRI’s ArcGIS Desktop™ and can be used with ArcGIS Online™ for a cloud based system.

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