Project Examples

Integrated Reservoir Simulation Studies– Oman, Malaysia, USA– Sector models, full field simulation model, streamline modeling, water-flood optimization, field development plan, production enhancement activities and reservoir management workflow

Fractured Carbonate Reservoir Management– Oman, USA

Field Development Plans– Malaysia, India, Ghana, USA

Gas Condensate Reservoir Study– Oman

Full-field WAG Design and Implementation– Malaysia

EOR Screening Studies– Malaysia

IOR Scaleup Study and Mechanistic Modeling for WAG Implementation– Algeria, Malaysia

Enriched Gas/CO2 Miscible WAG Projects– Norway, USA

Geological and Geophysical Evaluations– India, Turkey, Kazakhstan

Resource and Technical Assessment for Acquisitions– Kazakhstan, India, USA

Pressure buildup and Falloff test analysis– United Arab Emirates, USA, Nigeria, India

Complete Stress and Well Breakout Study– United Arab Emirates

Depletion and Drilling Strategy Assessment– Egypt

Forecast and Equity Calculation Analysis– USA

Field Performance Analysis and Surface Network Modeling– USA

Operational Guidelines Evaluation– Nigeria

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