About Us

We provide professional consulting and advisory services along with integrated project management support to domestic and international petroleum companies. Our activities span the entire spectrum of technical, project, and commercial functions along with all facets of the hydrocarbon exploitation cycle.

We are an integrated team consisting of a number of highly qualified, versatile, and experienced experts and professionals that represent a diverse set of disciplines: reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation, reservoir characterization, enhanced oil recovery technologies, development geology and geophysics, exploration geology and geophysics, and petrophysics. We also have experts in economics and integrated project management and planning, including production, drilling, and facility engineering support.

Together, we represent over 1500 years of combined experience and have broad experience in serving clients throughout the world. Our experience includes working with major oil companies in North and South America, Africa, South Asia, the Far East, Europe, and the Middle East. Currently, we have offices in Plano, Houston, Anchorage, Kuala Lumpur, Muscat and Abu Dhabi.

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