Gas Condensate Reservoir Engineering

PetroTel has special expertise in gas and gas condensate reservoir engineering. We can help you in every phase of gas and gas condensate field operations, from exploration, appraisal and development, optimizing well and reservoir deliverability, and managing matured field operations. Our expertise in gas and gas condensate production operations extends to both onshore and offshore operation.

Our experts can evaluate reservoir potentials, optimize field development plans (FDP’s), implement FDP’s, and enhance well and field deliverability. Our services include optimizing field drainage plans, gas recycling implementations, and ongoing optimization of surface processing facilities. Our staff has accumulated extensive experience from various gas field operations in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, North Sea, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Venezuela.

Our experts can also help you in resolving daily operational issues encountered in a gas condensate field.

PetroTel has managed daily production operations for several gas fields in and Southeast Asia. We performed detailed analysis of well and reservoir deliverability to mitigate various well-level operational problems with wellbore frac, horizontal wells, and other areas, while maintaining maximum field performance.

We have special expertise in the design and management of gas recycling operations in pilot as well as full field-scale. Our experts have extensive operational experience in gas recycling operation as part of EOR processes in Prudhoe Bay and other areas.

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