Reservoir Management

PetroTel’s reservoir engineers have successfully tackled a broad spectrum of difficult reservoir engineering problems by the intelligent application of reservoir simulation.

We integrate the reservoir’s geology, rock/fluid interactions, PVT, and process mechanism to deliver reliable predictions of reservoir performance. We have extensive experience in upscaling geologic models for reservoir simulation. In addition to providing reservoir performance predictions, our engineers provide insight into process mechanisms, recommendations for improved reservoir management, and comprehensive guidelines for optimizing hydrocarbon recovery.

PetroTel has unique and unparalleled experience in reservoir simulation of fractured carbonate reservoirs.

We have the ability to model fractured reservoirs using both single porosity models with explicit fractures and dual porosity dual permeability models. Our expertise and software enable us to perform 3D, 3-phase fully compositional finite difference simulations with the added ability to analyze streamlines through the matrix and fractures.

PetroTel can perform evaluations for development scenarios and recommend the most optimum scenario using a combination of the latest well and completion technologies.

We perform optimization studies and can quantify impact of well count, completion strategy, relative permeability, and VRR on recovery.

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