Static Modeling / Geomodeling

Petrotel offers expertise in the complete workflow of building a geocellular model

  • Structural Modeling

Horizons, Well Tops, Depth converted fault sticks

  • Data Analysis


Other correlations (Poro-Perm transforms and Sw-PHI)

  • Property Modeling

Use Well Log data

Distribute porosity in 3D volume  by Sequential Gaussian Simulation

  • Volumetrics

Estimated for different intervals

Use 3D volumes of distributed properties

Limited by spill-point depths, block boundary

Petrotel deals with all the steps including fault characterization, fault interpretation, fault gridding and fault modeling.

Creating faulted grids using structural framework and pillar gridding

  • Fracture characterization including deterministic and stochastic distribution
  • Discrete Fracture Network (DFN)

Generate DFN from FMI interpretation

Upscale DFN to geologic model using statistical  methods

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